BOOK REVIEW: Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren’t You and I by Albert Espinosa

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goodreads summary:

Can you imagine a future where everyone has given up sleeping?

From the creator of the television series Red Band Society and author of the international bestseller The Yellow World comes this uniquely special novel.

What if I could reveal your secrets with just a glance? And what if I could feel with your heart just by looking at you? And what if –in a single moment– I could know that we were made for each other? Marcos has just lost his mother, a famous dancer who taught him everything, and he decides that his world can never be the same without her. Just as he is about to make a radical change, a phone call turns his world upside down.

my review:

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The writing style was incredible. I could tell right away that Espinosa is clearly talented. And there were so many thought-provoking sentences and phrases.However, the plot was all over the place. The constant back and forth between the past and present made it a little difficult to follow at times and made what the book was about very unclear. The storyline is so, the only word I could use to describe it is, weird.

It started off fairly interesting with the main character trying to decide if he should get this new popular injection that makes you stay awake and never need sleep, which I was curious about. Then comes the presence of an alien, and the m/c suddenly becomes interested in a women he sees walking into a theatre. And the ending confused me way too much.

Overall, I was disappointed. I had such high hopes for this book.


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