Book Review: The Fifth Wave (The Fith Wave #1) by Rick Yancey

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“If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”Stephen Hawking

Set in a  world where a gigantic mothership appears in our sky, it sparks off wonder and fear. But then the first wave hits, an electromagnetic pulse affecting all transport,  and infrastructure we all take for granted in seconds. Half a million people die. The second wave is flooding taking out millions more living near coastlines in a day. This continues until the last one; the fifth wave. No one knows when it will happen, but it’s coming.

I’m actually quite glad I managed to finish this book. I’ve putting it on and off for two years now. I don’t understand why, I think it maybe be due to the fact the first half was really confusing, along with the changing POVs without telling you who was speaking. I would’ve stopped reading it, had it not been the hype and, then later, the movie with this book.  The story is narrated by a few survivors; Cassie, a young girl; Ben, who finds himself inducted into the military, and a couple of others (no spoilers). The action is this book is fast-paced, and just as you think you’ve got the plot there were a few surprises which threw me off completely. This was thrilling to read and I liked Yancey gave a more fuller reason as to why the world became what it is. It’s common for YA novels to simply write off the past as something ~bad~ without never telling us why.

However, the romance elements were, as always for me, annoying. I’m not sure about anyone else but I never pay attention to the romance portions unless I find the couple really cute and want them to get together. Especially in YA, romance rarely appear interesting to me. Here I didn’t find it realistic. I’m not going to name anyone because it’s a huge spoiler but I felt like it happened waay too fast and, in this instance, it could’ve gone without. Also, as much as I liked Sammy, he didn’t need his chapters.

Overall, it was an intense read, full of excitement and danger, and a smidge of romance. Although the POVs confused me at first, it does add to the action and I have high hope that the sequel will raise the tension more, and show us more aliens because I’m genuinely intrigued by them. 

Paperback, 460 pages
Published May 7th 2013 by Penguin Books
ISBN: 0141345837

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