Diversity and Race in YA Fiction

Hey guys, this is my first post as a Teen Trendsetter for Paper Lantern Lit and the topic was to write about something that matters to you in YA lit so I did Diversity and Race in YA fiction. I’ll also be making a post in the future about Muslims in YA fiction.

Paper Lantern Lit

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We asked some of our newest Teen Trendsetters to write blog posts about something important to them in the YA/publishing world. Check out Zaheera’s post, on diversity and race, below! You can learn more about Zaheera on Twitter @zaheerahkhalik.

Diversity and Race in YA Fiction

“I decided at 14 I would stop being Negro—that was the phrase then. Books transmit values, and if you don’t find your life in books, bingo, you have to reach the conclusion that you are less valuable.“–Walter Dean Meyers, African-American New York Times bestselling author.

I’ve been an avid reader and lover of Young Adult novels (YA) since I could ever remember. And with that being said, I’m also a strong supporter of diversity in YA novels.  Not just YA novels, but with all things fiction: television, films, etc. I want characters of color, disabilities, speaking different languages, and accurate portrayal of different cultures…

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