Book Review: Kings Rising (Captive Prince #3) by C.S. Pacat

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my review:

With a battle looming over the people of Vere and Akielo, Damen must face Prince Laurent again, but not as his slave, but as Damianos of Akielos. His own hope of reclaiming his throne is working alongside Laurent.  But can their alliance stand long enough to achieve their goal?

Okay my original rating for this was 4 but now, looking back on it, I feel really bad for having to drop it down to a 2 but I’ll explain why later on.

For those who are reading this review, and have no idea what CP is, it’s important to note that this series contains many problematic and really triggering elements which many people will feel uncomfortable reading. Just to advise you in case you’re uncomfortable with aspects like that.

Kings Rising picks up exactly where it ends in Prince’s Gambit, and we’re pushed straight into the action. Damen continues to be our strong protagonist while Laurent is still our irritating but lovable anti-hero. Pacat actually does an amazing job with these two regarding their characterisation and development. It’s dramatic and complicated with its twists, adventure and painful heart break.

If you haven’t read the series yet, I advise you to stop reading because I’m going to talk about what I didn’t like which are major spoilers.

I’ve seen people complain about how tidy the ending was. I liked that Laurent and Damen do get a happy ending but I didn’t like how it happened? I wanted a full on blood bath between the two sides because that’s what I thought the series was anticipating ever since the beginning. And other aspects like;

  • the reveal that Laurent used to be his uncle’s pet was so anticlimactic, since it was painfully obvious since the end of book one. And Damen likes to pride himself on understanding and knowing Laurent and, out of everything that happened, this is something I felt like Damen should’ve picked up on earlier in the series.
  • Jokaste – I liked her. She’s ruthless and complex. And I feel like Pacat could’ve done more with her. And it was so out of character for her to just up and leave? It would’ve been more interesting to see her at the trial at least. If she’s like the female equivalent of Laurent, you don’t see it much in this book.
  • Three books in, and I’m still not comfortable with the sex slavery angle. (although there’s more to the series than that but it’s still not nice to read)
  • How easily everyone’s loyalties swayed????
  • and lastly, the total lack of anything from Kastor. I get that the Regent was mainly in control of the whole thing but he still felt empty as a character
Kindle Edition, 368 pages
Published February 2nd 2016 by Penguin




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