Book Review: All I Know Now

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my review:
Rating: ★★★☆☆

In her debut novel, Youtube star Carrie Hope Fletcher take her ‘honorary big sister’ status from vlogs to her very own self-help book. ALL I KNOW NOW includes Carrie’s own thoughts on topics like bullying, body image and relationships.

I just want to put this out: I really like Carrie’s videos. Though I don’t devote much of my time to Youtubers anymore, Carrie’s one I keep up with simply because she’s one of the first.

And while this was a cute book, the formatting was smart, her drawings were nice but, personally, I didn’t come out feeling that all affected by this. I know I’m just outside the age they were going for (18) but I didn’t find much of the information I read very helpful because a majority of her stories take place in her teens, a time I’ve already experienced. Her anecdotes and stories were enjoyable but already know it because she mentioned it her vlogs.

The advice Carrie gives out is pretty generic and borderline repetitive, providing me advice that school gives on a daily basis though their cheesy and embarrassing powerpoints. I guess I was expecting something original to come out of this but I did appreciate the “Props” section where Carrie directs us to helplines and websites regarding topics she has spoken about.

While I had no issue with Carrie’s writing style, and I have higher hopes for her new fiction book, I did find myself sitting there and think, “I don’t really agree with that,” or “This isn’t beneficial to me at all,” And Carrie tends to have a “forgive and forget” way of thinking and some of her advice ends with her saying you should just forgive those who did wrong to you because life is no good being lived negatively. While this is good advice, she doesn’t take into account that you’re also under no obligation to forgive anyone if you’re not comfortable with doing so. You’re allowed to cut people out your life. A large flaw in this book is that it comes across very generic because it needs to be, due to the diversity of life and in this day and age, being generic doesn’t work as well.

Hardcover, 322 pages
Published May 14th 2015 by Sphere
ISBN: 075155751X

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