Book Review: Stealing Snow


Rating: ★★☆☆☆

* I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.  This in no way affected my opinion of the book.

Snow has lived most of her life within the walls of Whittake Insitute. Until she finds a chance to leave and is then thrust into the world of Algid. The world where she belongs. And where she discovers she is from a royal lineage and her father is hellbent on her never getting her crown. Snow has no choice but to fight back with unstable powers that even she doesn’t understand.

I was a huge fan of book one of Dorothy Must Die. But Stealing Snow? It’s didn’t even feel like it came from the same author. DMD had so much creativity and incredible world-building which I had hoped would have appeared into SS. But honestly? I didn’t even understand what on earth was going on? It’s a mash-up of so many different things that didn’t at all feel unique. One minute Snow’s learning to control her powers, the next she is running along with bandits, stealing things and on a completely different mission to what she originally came for. While I enjoyed certain aspects like the Robbers and how they steal stuff and disguise themselves by using other faces. (Which actually reminded me of the Faceless Men from A Song of Ice and Fire). And the ending fight scene was really fast paced. It was reminiscent of DMD so that’s probably why I enjoyed it.

There’s so much I just couldn’t get into. Like featuring a protagonist who is supposed mentally ill but really she isn’t. It’s just her powers which led everyone to think she’s ill. I disliked how one-dimensional the novel’s interpretation of mental illness. Just a whole lot of pill taking and hiding from the white-clothed orderlies.

What really got me about this was the Love Square. That’s right. I mentioned in my GBBO tag that I think there is three love interests. And I was right. Three. Damn. Boys. The first is the reason why Snow enters the land, the boy who had taken her there and one who is barely there that I’m actually surprised she had any romantic feeling for him at all.Like how could she truly say she loved boy #1 when she goes around falling in love with two other boys while trying to save him.

Overall, there’s actually a lot of cool, interesting stuff that could’ve been enjoyable to read here. It just wasn’t very well put together. But I do see its appeal, unfortunately, it wasn’t for me.

you can find the book at:
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