Book Review: The Fever Code (The Maze Runner #5)


Rating: ★★★★★

Can I just say this is so much more memorable one than The Kill Order. Here we see the actual origins of Thomas, Teresa and the other Gladers. From the very moment, they meet WICKED until the very first pages of The Maze Runner. You might think James Dashner is beating a dead horse here but, to me, this is the Maze Runner prequel I’ve wanted for so long.

The Fever Code ties up everything we didn’t know – what Thomas didn’t remember, what the other Gladers remembered, what Thomas and Teresa went through. The prologue begins with Newt scene and it is heartbreaking. (I’m not gonna lie Newt’s history is SO SAD and one of my favourite parts of this book)

And as the book went on, we return to the humour and amazing personalities of characters that we meet and lose within the first three books. We learn new secrets about the identity of well-loved ones. And, my favourite, we get to learn some of their real names. But I kinda love calling Frypan by the name Frypan so that won’t be changing any time soon.

I think the ending was a shocker. And while the majority of the book’s supposed plot twist didn’t really come as a shock to me, the ending had me changing my perspective of the entire series. I will definitely need to re-read now that we know what happened at the end.

On the UK hardback, there’s a secret code that leads you to a website ( and there you answer three questions using the decoder which gives you a short story of a very popular Gladers. Definitely do that after reading the book because the questions are huge spoilers and so is the short story.

Overall, I really enjoyed this, mainly because of the backstories we get from certain characters, and some new revelations are shocking, exciting and amazing. If you loved the Maze Runner series, you’re sure to love it. I really did.


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