Book Review: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)


Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Oh, man. I’m re-reading my review of Crown of Midnight and I’m cackling. I loved how excited I was to read it and how hyped I was to read this. But now I have, it was a damn disappointment and I really feel like I hit my peak with this series on CoM.

Heir of Fire was a bore.  I was so excited for this so you can imagine how shocked I was I realised how much I actually didn’t like this. Nothing really substantial happens. I was so bored with how this book spent so much time on things I just didn’t care about. Celaena’s training could’ve easily been shortened like many other scenes.

This book focuses really on new characters. We’re introduced to so many new characters, and I just couldn’t care less. While the development of old and new characters were fascinating. I was shocked at the death of a certain one. But I still couldn’t bring myself to feel for these characters. Rowan, Sorscha, Manon. Looking back, they were all interesting characters but my lack of interest in the plot left me not caring a single bit.

I have to give Maas some credit. HoF was written really well and the way she portrays friendship is what I like about this series. Give me more platonic relationships between male and female characters!

I will be reading the next book just because I feel compelled to see this to the end, but my expectations aren’t as high as they were when I finished Crown of Midnight.


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