NaNoWriMo Update: one week in…

Can you believe it has already been one week into November? Since I’m being a bit of a pantser this month, my current document is a mess. There’s no real structure at this point. I’m just writing down everything I know I want to happen in this story. I am not sure how everything connects. I know where it needs to be just not how, so I guess I need to work on the outline a bit more. I already know that half the stuff I’ve written will disappear in editing after November.

But I’m slowly figuring things things, adding more and more to this setting and the character I’ve created. I think, by next week, I’ll want to create a post where I reveal more things about my story and be brave enough to introduce some characters to you.

I realised that I haven’t shared much about the plot to anyone. On the official NaNo site I’ve simply put “Set in a climate change ravaged world, a ship crew finds their sea route threatened” which is a very simple version of my plot because I do change quite a lot. Like right now, the said ship crew haven’t met yet but then sometimes I change my time and alter the plot so the crew is already together at the beginning of the novel. It’s times like this that make me wish I planned ahead!

I think the one thing I’ve struggled with was that I was doing a lot of telling rather than showing. And it irritated me a lot until I saw this tweet:

I needed this. I keep getting stressed about telling and not showing that I get nothing written. But then I remind myself, that it’s only the first draft. It will get better. So I guess I’ll talk to you later. My current word count is 13,687 and I kind of want to keep upping it early on in case I hit a writing slump later on.


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