NaNoWriMo Update: meet the gang!


In my past post, I said if I’m brave enough, I would make a post about some of the characters in my NaNo novel. I’m constantly changing the cast of characters – adding new ones, removing old ones who aren’t useful to the plot. While I’ve thought up so many new characters, it was difficult to decide which ones to feature in this post (Aside from the main lead) since I wasn’t sure if they were going to be in here long enough. But here is the main lead and three important characters within the novel.

To make sense of the graphics:

  • Debt is a category because the main crew are all taken in by a man called Jax (very bad man) who takes in misplaced kids but he makes them repay all the expenses he uses on them. Since this ship crew’s aim is to transport goods for Jax, he educates them all well and therefore raising their debts. As you can see in Amir’s graphic, he has none because he isn’t an actual member of the ship. All their debts are unknown at the moment because I’m terrible at numbers.
  • their country of origin is really important because in this world many low-lying countries are almost non-existent because of sea level rise (which is how Jax finds them) so most of the characters come from these countries most affected


The novel is third-person and told through Jahanara’s view





Well, that’s the main four! I better go back to writing the actual draft if I want to finish in time!


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: meet the gang!

  1. This is weird. My story has a Jax too! But he’s totally different. He’s a very sweet guy with terrible social skills. He decides he wants my main character as a best friend. He gets far too physically affectionate for my character’s comfort. He’s an empath that can share his own emotions with others. So my character loves it when he’s hugging the guy. He feels all of the friendship and love Jax feels. But once Jax walks away, he’s weirded out but doesn’t know how to tell poor Jax to tone it down.

    So … our Jaxes only share a name. But still.. it’s a cool name, eh?

    I like that your character’s come from all over the world. That’s great.

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