I’m not sure if anyone really noticed but recently I’ve been less active on this site. This was due to the fact I have exams coming up and if you’ve been here since last summer, you’re probably aware that I’m not great at multi-functioning. And I’m not great at taking exams so when ever exam season comes around, this site becomes a graveyard. I had originally planned not to go on hiatus with at least a couple of posts going up while I’m off revising.

But my laptop’s operating system stopped working and then the hard drive stopped working all of a sudden. This means all the blog graphics I had are (maybe) gone. My dad’s getting someone to look at it and hopefully try to get as much stuff as possible back. I know graphics shouldn’t mean much and I should focus on the content I’m writing but I worked really hard on all of them. And I’m lowkey annoyed that this all happened when I was literally just about to back up my laptop next week.

I’m rambling now but I just wanted to write a post explaining why I’m not here, rather than disappearing for ages. My final exam is on the 20th June and I hope to revamp the blog after my exams since I might need to make brand new graphics.

Well, that’s it. I’ll see you all in June. I’ll still be creeping on my Reader and writing up the reviews for the arcs I still have, I most likely won’t post them until I return.

Image result for see you soon gif


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